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What exactly is income protection insurance and do I need it?

Have you ever wondered how you and your family would cope if you had an injury or illness and couldn’t work for several months… or even years? For some people, income protection insurance might be the answer. So what is income protection insurance? Income protection insurance (or temporary incapacity or salary continuance insurance) provides cover […]

Seven steps to cutting debt

It’s time to drop your debt weight and get financially fit.   You enjoy a challenge – right? Then step towards financial fitness by cutting your debts this year. Understand and embrace your debt. Firstly, work out where and what type of debt you have and start to plan how you’re going to cut it […]

10 tips for success in a competitive job market

AMP.NATSEM report highlights challenges for young Australians starting their careers If you’re finding it hard to get started in your chosen career—or your kids are doing it tough—you’re not alone. Many other young Australians are in the same boat, with a high proportion of young people working in part-time hospitality and retail jobs, even when […]