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Getting more done with fewer interruptions

Learn how multi-tasking affects your productivity, and not in the positive ways you might think.   So you think you’re pretty good at multi-tasking? Well, research[1] tells us we’re not – in fact we’re awful at it!   And, according to Dr Julia Irwin, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Macquarie University who specialises in cognitive […]

Changes to the Age Pension assets test

  The government’s recent changes to the Age Pension could affect your ability to plan for a comfortable retirement.   Recent reports[1] suggest that more than 300,000 Age Pensioners will have at least part of their pension cut, with just under 100,000 of these people losing all Age Pension entitlements, taking effect from January 2017. […]

Procrastination: Just do it. Eventually.

Move out of a rut and reach your goals with our five helpful tips. If you’ve been living in a procrastination comfort zone for too long, you’re not alone. And evidence suggests that taking a tough approach won’t help you either[1]. Research shows that procrastination has its roots in the brain’s frontal systems known to […]

What exactly is income protection insurance and do I need it?

Have you ever wondered how you and your family would cope if you had an injury or illness and couldn’t work for several months… or even years? For some people, income protection insurance might be the answer. So what is income protection insurance? Income protection insurance (or temporary incapacity or salary continuance insurance) provides cover […]

Tips for selling your home

How to prepare your property for a successful sale Property is a hot topic. Like most of us, you’ve probably found yourself around the backyard BBQ discussing house prices, interest rates and local demand. But we don’t tend to move that often – more than half of us have been in our present house for […]