Budget & Living Expenses

One of the most important personal financial planning issues is Budgeting.

Sometimes our expenses get the better of us, and it could be down to lack discipline in spending or the rising cost of living. Either way, you can “Budget” for the hard times, by planning your expenses in advance. This allows for peaks and troughs and you will find that if you stick to your budget, you come out better every year.

As part of our Fact Finding and in-depth analysis of your situation, we need to know how much it costs to “be you”.

We want to know what your annual expenses are so that we can adequately predict your future income needs. This then allows us to advise you how to achieve your future goals in the most effective manner.

You can download the “Budget Planner” spreadsheet here and complete it in your own time.
Simply input and save the details within the spreadsheet and send it to us via e-mail, or print and post when you are finished. p.s. You may have to enable macros in the document to allow all figures to save.

Allow up to an hour to complete the sheet, as it is very specific, and you may need to dig up old bills or statements to reference the cost of certain items.

The spreadsheet can even be used as a Budgeting tool.
Simply gather records on all of your expenses incurred over the last 12 months – input the actual figures in the spreadsheet and you have yourself a “snapshot in time” of what it cost to “be you” over the last year!
You may then use this to forecast expenses over the coming year – or better still, be able to set aside funds for seasonal expenses that are otherwise hard to afford.

If you are having trouble completing the document, call one of our friendly staff and we will help you through the process.