Fee for Service

Analyzer Financial Group are primarily Fee-for-Service based Financial Planners.

We do this by determining the services required and pricing them according to needs and goals.

You may have a need to simply review your super fund, set up an insurance policy for yourself, open a bank account, or even a long term investment fund. For this service, if no advice is provided, we can perform a Transaction Only Fee-for-Service. This is a one-off fee that is charged for time based services. There are no additional or ongoing charges.

Generally however, the first step to any Financial Planning relationship, is financial advice.
This may or may not include financial product advice. It may be strategic only or a mix of strategy and products tailored to suit your goals and needs.

We charge an upfront Statement of Advice (SoA) fee, which includes advice for your situation. This may be comprehensive or limited to only a few areas of advice. For this, we only charge for advice provided, not for advice that wasn’t.

Of course, we recommend a comprehensive plan that takes into account your whole financial situation, but not everybody wants this level of advice and we understand that.

Second, is the need to review your financial plan, the actions that were taken from it, your changing needs over time and how legislative changes affect your plan.
This is the Ongoing Fee-for-Service that we provide for up to 4 scheduled reviews per year. An annual fee is charged for this service, which you may wish to be deducted from within any financial products that are reviewed – saving you from having to fund the cost personally each year.

To determine the level and cost of services for your situation, we will need to meet and discuss your needs over time. Our service levels and costs can be tailored to your situation.