Fee Refunds

Take Control – Claim back your fees!

Do you have one of these accounts below?

  • Personal Risk Insurance Policy (e.g. Life Insurance, Disablement, Trauma or Income Protection)
  • A Public Offer Super or Pension Fund (e.g. Colonial First State),
  • An Investment Trust (e.g. Managed Fund).

Do you pay fees and charges as a result of owning one of the above accounts?
If your answer is YES – keep reading…

Do you receive ongoing service and advice from a planner or agency?
If your answer is NO – why are you paying for something you are not receiving?

Now you are able to claim back your contribution fees and ongoing commissions.

We will begin refunding your fees and commissions as soon as they are charged.

Make an appointment to meet with us today and take back what is rightfully yours.