Protecting your financial future

Insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss.

You may wish to transfer the risk to an insurance company, thereby paying a premium for the right to claim. Alternatively, you may wish to “Self Insure”. Self Insurance is a risk management method in which a calculated amount of money is personally set aside to compensate for the potential future loss.

An insurer will “price-up” the risk of offering to insure a particular person, object or event, and provide a policy with a benefit (the amount payable in the event of a claim) for an ongoing cost of the policy (premiums payable to own the cover). This is the “underwriting” process.

An insurance policy can be taken out for:

  1. premature death (life cover),
  2. incapacity (total and permanent disablement),
  3. organic health problems (trauma insurance),
  4. temporary illness or accident (income protection),
  5. business owner’s insurance (tax audit, machinery breakdown, key person or overheads cover),
  6. car, home or boat (contents, third party, fire and theft),
  7. medical expenses (health cover), and
  8. legal action (Public Liability, Professional Indemnity & Product Liability).

We can quote on and assist the application of policies for items 1 through 6 above.

Make a time to see us today, and ensure you are insured in the event of one of the above occurring!